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To Your Success

If you’re satisfied, we are satisfied! We will do our best to make your boosting process one that you’ll enjoy, learn from and of course no one else but you will know about it!

Twurdy is the ultimate ELO boosting service:

100% Customer Satisfaction

Affordable Prices

Quick Turnaround Times

What others say about us

Excellent LoL boosting service! It’s right here in the US and yet very affordable not to mention the crazy quick turnaround time!! This is my new favorite LoL site! :)
Mike, New Jersey
This ELO boost service is worth every penny! My Dr. Mundo just became a real champion if you know what I mean ;)
Miguel, Mexico City

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What is LoL Boosting or ELO Boosting?

ELO Boosting Basics

Have you ever wished that you could play a tier or a division (or two?) above your current level in League of Legends, but just can’t find the time to level up your account(s)? We can help you with that, that’s exactly what a LoL or ELO boosting service is: our professional players will take over your account securely (so no one will ever notice it’s not you that is playing!) and play with it until you reach your desired level!

Learn to Play

All the above is cool but what’s even cooler is that during your LoL boosting you’ll be able to communicate with your booster, see your progress in our admin area and if you’d like to you can spectate the booster who’s playing with your account so you can actually learn how to play on a higher level! This way it’s not just a one-time-fee, it’s an investment in your future as a League of Legends player!

No One Will Know

Using a couple of camouflage techniques (appear offline mode for example) we’ll make sure only you will know about using an ELO boosting service on your account. If you don’t tell anyone, your secret is safe with us!

Affordable Prices

We continuously monitor our competitors, negotiate with our boosters to provide you the most affordable prices around. Please don’t forget that while the cheap ELO boost services may save you a buck or two, you can get your account suspended, they don’t have any refund policies and the worst customer care that you can imagine. Running a high quality, high volume ELO boosting service takes a lot of time, work and money and we firmly believe that we juggle the incredibly hard task of keeping prices at the lowest levels possible while never (ever!) sacrificing customer care, just fine!

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