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Stem Cell Treatments Benefit Animals

While the tension about use of stem cells in medical care of humans still exists, there is another area in which it is completely acceptable, if not yet common: in the veterinary care of animals. For animals, use of stem cells carries none of the political and emotional baggage attached to the issues in humansThere …

Have Animal Rights Gone Too Far
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Have Animal Rights Gone Too Far?

Animals rights are important because if we don’t treat animals like people then we become the animals. If you hit a dog or any animal with an stick the animal will feel the same pain as an human being. The animals need there rights because humans are getting more and more dominant on the planet …

What Not to Feed Your Pets
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What Not to Feed Your Pets

As an animal lover and pet owner, I try to keep abreast of important information regarding pet health and disease prevention. It is very important to be careful what you feed your pets. Foods that are completely harmless to humans can be potentially fatally to our furry friends. The following is a list of foods …


Six Smartest Animals on Earth – Below Humans

Humans are the most intelligent creatures on Earth; there is no debate about this. But there are many millions of species of other creatures on Earth along with us that evolutionary biologists say are very closely related to us. Which of these animals are the most intelligent? What distinguishes them from the rest? Dolphins Number …



Brief Overview: The giant Panda, or Panda bear, is one of the most recognizable animals in the world. It also has a name that holds more than one meaning. In Nepalese, the word panda is “nigalya ponya” meaning “eater of bamboo”. In Chinese, the giant panda is referred to as the “large bear cat”. The …