All About Monkeys

Monkeys are mammals, which are very intelligent animals, and from the order of primates, which also includes humans, and the monkeys form two groups: the old world monkeys, the new world monkeys, and the monkeys are usually arboreal; That is, they live among the trees and move between them to search for food, and the monkeys have two hands with five fingers and two feet, which makes it easier for them to move and move between the trees, and there are many types of monkeys, most of them live in tropical forests, and some live in Central and South America, and in this article we will learn about the most prominent Types of monkeys and their specifications.

Types of monkeys and their specifications

There are approximately 260 different types of monkeys, between the New World monkeys that live in South America and North America, and between the Old World monkeys that live in Asia and Africa. Unlike New World monkeys, which have visible tails of varying lengths from species to species, Old World monkeys have food storage bags in their cheek while New World monkeys do not have them. There are many differences between them, and the types of monkeys and their specifications cannot be enumerated in this article, but the most famous species and their characteristics can be mentioned:

gorilla monkeys

Gorillas are the first thing that comes to mind when mentioned. Types of monkeys and their specifications. The species of monkeys and western gorillas live in West Africa and the eastern gorillas live in central and eastern Africa, where they live in groups of 5 to 30 gorillas with an adult male, and take leaves, buds and stems as their food. In addition to fruits and termites, gorillas do not drink water a lot because they eat a lot of fresh and water-filled plants.


 The baboon is considered one of the monkeys of the ancient world, and one of the largest monkeys in the world, and there are 5 types of baboons that are native to all of Africa or Arabia, and the baboons live most of their time on earth, and although they do not have tails, they can climb trees in order to search About food, as they eat fruits and seeds, as well as the meat of birds, large small mammals, etc., and prefer to live usually in savannas and semi-regions. Arid places, yet a minority of them live in tropical forests.


A chimpanzee is the closest human ape. They share 96% of their DNA sequence with them, and they have hands and feet, intelligence and sharp senses very similar to humans, enabling them to learn skills and make their own tools, for example, they use rocks as hammers to break nuts and also they use them as a weapon against the enemy and for hunting, and they use wood as a cover for them. And other tools and skills that they teach to their children, so they remain inherited between generations.

Mandrill monkeys

It is one of the monkeys of the ancient world, and lives in tropical rain forests in West Central Africa, where it lives in groups of 20 to 40 members and is led by the eldest of them. The sides of its nose are surrounded by bright blue edges, and this description and colors are more evident in males than females, and they feed on plants, fruits, eggs, insects, etc., and when they do not find enough food, they attack agricultural crops.

Breeding monkeys

After knowing how the types and specifications of monkeys differ from each other, they also differ in reproduction. Monkeys are mammals of all kinds and thus they reproduce by birth, but the difference between the types of monkeys is in the period of pregnancy, for example the gestation period in the rhesus monkey is 164 days, while the baboon has a pregnancy period. It reaches 187 days, and for chimpanzees, its gestation period is about 237 days, and each type of monkey has a different pregnancy period, and at birth, the care of the monkey born by the mother, and it may be by the parents if the mother is married to one wife, and the little monkey becomes an adult when he is Four or five years old.

What do monkeys eat

Often monkeys eat everything you find, and of course the type of food that monkeys eat varies from one type to another, and according to the environment in which they are, and unanimously the monkeys eat plants and insects, bird eggs, rodents and fruits, and people think that monkeys love bananas, but in fact they enjoy eating bananas as much What you enjoy eating other fruits, there are also some types of monkeys that eat meat, such as the mandrill monkeys, as I did. It was explained in the types of monkeys and their specifications, and wild chimpanzees eat monkeys when their food sources are scarce, and in some reserves, it is forbidden for humans to feed monkeys, which is not harmful, but rather makes a monk

The relationship of monkeys to humans

Since the types of monkeys and their characteristics are different, there are types of them that are far from human life, and others that are included in human life, some of which are kept as pets, and some are used in laboratories for animal research, such as the higgas monkeys and other monkeys that are characterized by their rapid reproductive cycle and their physical similarity. And psychological with humans, including what is sent on space missions, and a number of monkeys were sent to explore space in both the United States of America and France, and the first monkey that flew in space was the monkey Albert II, which was launched by the United States of America in 1949, and is also employed Also in the care of people with special needs, specifically those with severe spinal cord patients or those with impaired mobility, after they have been intensively trained, helping them to carry out their daily activities at home, as the types of monkeys and their specifications determine the extent of their relationship in human life, and also the monkeys are considered food ; The monkey brain is eaten in parts of South Asia, China and Africa, and monkeys are eaten in parts of Africa