Diseases That May Affect Your Pet

Pet diseases are multiple and very dangerous to their lives. It is wonderful to own and raise a pet in your home, but everyone who wants to raise a pet needs to realize that there are many diseases that the animal may be infected with, and whether you want to own a cat, dog, hamster or even a bird, you must know that these pets You need not only food and care, but you must know the various diseases that may affect your pet at any stage of its life and during the following lines we will review with you the diseases that affect pets as well as the treatment methods for those diseases in order to maintain the health of your pet.


There are many diseases that dogs may be infected with, such as:

Heart disease and occurs in dogs of old age. Among the heart diseases there is congestive heart failure. Its symptoms include increased heart rate, contraction and fluid accumulation in the lung, and there is a disease of heart muscle failure, the most common symptoms of which are irregularity in the heartbeat and sometimes sudden fainting, also there are viral and bacterial diseases in addition For eczema or allergies, which is a skin disease that causes a rash and itching, and its treatment requires you to -discover the things that cause sensitivity to the dog and then avoid it. It may be that your dog’s sensitivity to certain food or things surrounding it, and when the dog is infected with one of these diseases, you must immediately resort to the veterinarian until it occurs Your dog is on the necessary medications along with the use of a specific diet, and do not forget to exercise to maintain the health of the dog.


Cats are one of the favorite animals for many, but cats are infected with diseases as well as humans, and among those diseases are:

Blindness is a disease that may affect cats and it is difficult to detect because cats adapt quickly and use other senses instead of vision such as smell and hearing. Among the causes of blindness in cats are aging, the presence of blue water or tumors in the eye, and perhaps because of problems with the thyroid gland, high pressure, and there is an inflammatory disease. Joints and its symptoms are a lot of movement and the cat becomes worse in cold weather and to treat your cat, you need to warm it up all the time and go to the veterinarian to provide the appropriate medicine for the situation, also the cat can catch the flu, and a runny nose and loss of appetite can be observed. Where the cat lives and the provision of appropriate foods such as sardines so that the matter does not develop into dehydration in the body, also whatever your cat’s illness is, you need to consult a veterinarian and follow up on the cat’s condition with him until he regains his health again.


Hamsters need care and attention because they can develop diseases such as:

Colds can be observed constant sneezing, difficulty breathing and a runny nose, and in order to protect the hamster, you need to put it in a suitable place with a moderate temperature. It must also be fed honey, water and easy chewing foods. Some milk can be put in water. In the case of diarrhea, hamsters urinate a lot, but in the case of constipation, they do not eat food and cannot urinate, and treatment is provided by providing clean water, fruits and vegetables, and in the case of diarrhea you need to provide dry foods such as bread or rice and there is a disease of skin mites that causes persistent itching that can be treated with an anti-mite drug that is sprayed On the hamster Whatever disease afflicts the hamster, do not forget to consult your veterinarian to provide appropriate medication.


Rabbits are beautiful animals that anyone can raise in their home, but they can quickly become infected with many diseases such as:

Mites are a common disease that rabbits can be infected with causing wounds and constant itching all the time. It can be treated by cleaning the ear and using an antibiotic that kills the mites. Also, there is ileal paralysis of rabbits and it occurs as a result of food not moving in the intestine and makes the rabbit stop eating and even Defecation and you need quick treatment by injecting water and fluids with the rabbit with the consultation of the veterinarian, and there is a cold that easily afflicts rabbits and causes them to cough, sneeze, runny, and treatment are medicines that are injected into the body of the rabbit and other medicines that are placed in drinking water as well. Rabbits can get diarrhea as you notice The rabbit is swollen with the appearance of transparent and soft stools, and it can be treated with medications prescribed by the veterinarian.