Have Animal Rights Gone Too Far

Animals rights are important because if we don’t treat animals like people then we become the animals. If you hit a dog or any animal with an stick the animal will feel the same pain as an human being. The animals need there rights because humans are getting more and more dominant on the planet earth. An animal will of course bite an human that is trying to hurt it , and that is why we should teach kid and adults to not make the animals angry.
Animals should not be trapped in a cage but outside in the Forrest and in there natural environment. Humans need to help the animals because without them we will die, because the animals are giving minerals to the earth and they are one part of the photosynthesis. In 1641 was the first law of animal created and still we are arguing about there rights. Today there are many discussions about how we should treat the animals.

Most of the people say that we should protect them but there are still some people that think animals are just toys that you can play with, but that is totally wrong because they should be treat almost as good as a human. Almost every law about animals is made to protect the humans from getting attacked or to protect the animals from getting killed. There are many people that are hunting illegal because the animal laws was not informed to them or the government simply don’t care. If we want a good future we need to learn to respect the animals and the environment. Some people think that the animal laws are made to just make people angry , but thats not right at all because the laws where made because some people did horrifying things.

We need to learn from the past and start caring about the animals before we get an total corrupt planet earth. The big fur companies thinks that animals doesn’t got any feelings and that they just can torture them without getting away with it. But there are still some companies that just kill the animals and don’t torture them ,but still that is killing. You wouldn’t go and kill a stranger on the street would you? I think for the most of the answer to that would be NO. So why go and kill a animal that don’t even can defend it self?