How To Take Care Of A Betta Fish

With their magnificent shimmering colors and gracefully waving fins, bettas (or fighting fish) are very popular creatures with aquarists. At Twurdy, we love bettas, and that’s why we want their owners to know how to take care of them for their health and well-being. If you’re thinking about adopting one of these magnificent fish, read on.

What type of aquarium is suitable for a betta?

Even though they’re small and calm (at least, if they’re not in the presence of a rival!), Bettas aren’t made to live in a tiny jar. So that yours can thrive, provide him with a spacious living environment – at least 3.5 liters – in which he can swim, hide and eat as he pleases. To replicate its natural habitat, cover the bottom of its aquarium with quality gravel or sand, then incorporate natural aquatic plants that will help clean the water. In addition, most species of bettas prefer water that is warm enough (around 25 degrees Celsius) and shallow (15 centimeters is enough).

If you want to add decorations, make sure they have smooth sides to prevent your betta’s long fins (especially if it’s a male) from tearing. In addition, some of the water (chlorine-free and filtered) should be replaced every week.

Do you want to showcase the beautiful colors of your betta? Choose blue, green or purple LED lighting, for example. Also, take note that bettas tend to jump, so choose an aquarium with a lid to prevent fatal runaways!

What food should I feed my betta and how often?

Bettas are omnivorous fish. To feed your little friend, you must offer him nutritious food in flakes, balls or granules. It is also recommended to give it, on occasion, larvae and worms (freeze-dried or frozen), which will contribute to its health and longevity. Depending on the food you choose, you may want to give her a small daily portion or a larger portion every other day.

In captivity, a betta rarely survives more than 2 years; however, with excellent care, some specimens reach the venerable age of 5 years! If you want to keep yours for several years, put the odds in your favor!