Things To Know About Elephants

Things To Know About Elephants

The elephant is one of the largest land mammals in size on Earth, gray in color and has broad, flat-shaped ears and a long torso that helps it in many tasks, including drinking, bathing, and greeting other elephants, it lives in savannahs and grasslands as well as forests in tropical regions within the continents of …

How To Take Care Of A Betta Fish
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How To Take Care Of A Betta Fish?

With their magnificent shimmering colors and gracefully waving fins, bettas (or fighting fish) are very popular creatures with aquarists. At Twurdy, we love bettas, and that’s why we want their owners to know how to take care of them for their health and well-being. If you’re thinking about adopting one of these magnificent fish, read …

Offer Good Hygiene To Your Animal

Offer Good Hygiene To Your Animal

To take care of your pet, it is important to ensure that it maintains good hygiene. Indeed, at this level, dogs and cats are no different from men. They sweat, get dirty, and their skin can be damaged from neglect. Dogs especially need to be washed regularly for their well-being. The frequency of grooming will …


Stem Cell Treatments Benefit Animals

While the tension about use of stem cells in medical care of humans still exists, there is another area in which it is completely acceptable, if not yet common: in the veterinary care of animals. For animals, use of stem cells carries none of the political and emotional baggage attached to the issues in humansThere …