Things To Know About Elephants

The elephant is one of the largest land mammals in size on Earth, gray in color and has broad, flat-shaped ears and a long torso that helps it in many tasks, including drinking, bathing, and greeting other elephants, it lives in savannahs and grasslands as well as forests in tropical regions within the continents of Africa and Asia where elephants need to large areas of land to meet their environmental needs, and African elephants differ from other elephants in tusks,

Did you know that elephants can make two types of sounds? By adjusting the size of the gills during the passage of air, elephants have only five bones and are replaced by tendons and ligaments in places that need bones, so the unique structure of the elephant is distinguished by its production of low-frequency sounds that humans cannot hear, but other elephants distinguish them and respond to them at a distance 4 km.

Scientific research indicates that elephants have a tremendous ability to discover natural disasters before they happen through their frequency, and the most important information about the elephant with some examples are the following:

  • The elephant is crying, the crying of the elephant is one of the most controversial things about it, but it arises from an inner emotion and one of the most famous situations is when the elephant cried warmly when his life was saved from the torture that he was subjected to under the name of tourism, and in another example a newborn cried for more than About five hours after his mother trampled him and refused to be near him until the zookeeper adopted him, and according to research, the crying of an elephant is always associated with feelings of sadness and sorrow within him towards different situations.
  • Playing in the sand, in the case of sunny days, elephants use sunblock from sand, and despite the severity of the elephant’s skin and its bulk, it has a very sensitive skin against hot sunburn, so elephants love to play with sand to face the sun’s rays, so they throw sand on their bodies and the bodies of their children as well. She is unable to perform this task on her own immediately after they come out of the water, and this process is considered one of the most important ways in which elephants protect their bodies. As for the elephants that were subjected to burns, the scientist recorded only one case at the hand of Mary Galloway, who works as a guard in the zoo for elephants that he appeared on One of the Asian elephants developed some blisters due to the sun.
  • Possessing special abilities, Asian elephants are among the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom in mathematics, and according to some researchers conducted by researchers from the Higher University of Japanese Special Studies, it has been proven that some Asian elephants have a supernatural ability to process numbers; By training a 14-year-old elephant on the use of the touchpad and then testing it on some pictures to prove his success by 66.8% of the total test, but it is worth noting that Asian elephants are the only kind in the world that possesses this wonderful ability.

Other information about the elephants


In the event of the death of one of the elephants, the others honor the bones of the deceased with an inner feeling that resembles a mourning in which it prevents touching the bones of the elephant according to the long series of family ties in the life of elephants, so Scientific American reported that the behavior of elephants changes when viewing the skeleton of another elephant, as they approach From it carefully and then collect the bone, and then cover it with palm fronds, and it is also worth noting that the elephants did not show this interest towards the rest of the animals, it is only the elephants of the same family.

They have a good memory,

One of the nicest things about these creatures is that elephants never forget a friend or foe; This is because it has a legendary memory that makes it remember elephants and humans also for decades, and one of the most famous examples of this is two elephants getting to know each other in a circus for a few months to remember each other after more than 223 years have passed, so the next time you see an elephant, remember that you have to Be kind enough to keep a friend in his memory after the years have passed.

Distinguish between languages

One of the most surprising information about elephants is their tremendous ability to distinguish between human languages ​​and not only that, but also have a tremendous ability to recognize the gender and age of the speaker as well. And according to a group of studies that study sounds, and this skill developed to the point where some elephants could imitate sounds in the Korean language well.


Did you also know that the sense of hearing in elephants is very great as it has proven a tremendous ability to hear sounds from a distance, as well as communicate in that way with other elephants for a distance of up to 6 miles, so you can hear storms 100 miles away, and the sounds of helicopters 90 miles away .


Swimming is one of the elephant’s enjoyment as they use their legs for rowing and their trunks to dive into deep water, which helps them breathe naturally, and the skill of swimming is one of the most important skills that an Asian elephant must master, as it helps him during the sea transport.

Important facts about the elephant

Elephants are wonderful creatures that have funny and strange habits at the same time. It is not only an intelligent and distinctive animal, but also mysterious. Among the most famous facts about elephants are the following:

  • Female elephants lead their family, as elephants are distinguished by a social base and lifestyle that differs from other animals, as they congregate in a herd consisting of more than 25 elephants, and in the lead the female with the tribe hierarchy according to age and experience, the older the elephant is, the greater its influence on the herd. Knowing that, when male elephants reach the age of 15, they leave the family, join temporary herds, and mate to produce another family.
  • Elephants need about 4 hours of sleep per day at night only and spend half of that time sleeping while standing; This is because sleep requires a lot of effort from them due to their size, unlike humans who require an average of 8 hours of sleep per day to lead their normal lives.
  • Elephants go through a period known as the “Musth” period, which is a period in which the testosterone hormone increases in male elephants towards the females, resulting in a mating period of up to a month and more, and with fewer fertile days for female elephants, we find that the pregnancy period lasts approximately 22 months.